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Valorization of chestnut
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Valorization of chestnut

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The chestnut tree is very present throughout the French territory and especially in our region LimousinPérigord where it is even the emblem. It is a tree that grows relatively fast (between 15 and 20 years for a mature tree, compared to 100 years for oak) and without the intervention of man. As the photos show, the latter reforms new shoots (stump discards), often of better quality than the original trunk and with strong resistance to drought.

The natural resistance of the chestnut to pests, dry wood insects, time wear and weather makes it a wood perfect for outdoor use but also as lumber (construction and cabinetmaking). So it doesn't need any treatment, which makes it an ecological, natural and sustainable wood like all our products.

We purchase short-circuit wood to control its quality and origin while optimizing the cutting of forests, respecting them and the environment. All the chestnut we use comes from our Limousin-Périgord region.


Our products

The poles and fnces manufacturing station is divided into mechanized and secure workstations. Each poles and shalas (forming the fences) are barked and pointed one by one, in order to check their quality. Our products are aimed at both individuals and professionals:


Dimensions of the trellis


Height / gap
8/9 cm
Rows of wire
50 cm x x x x x 10 linear meters 2
80 cm x x x x x 10 linear meters 2
100 cm x x x x x 10 linear meters 3
120 cm x x x x x 10 linear meters 3
150 cm x x x x x 10 linear meters 4
175 cm x x x x x 5 linear meters 5
200 cm x x x x x 5 linear meters 5



Installation du treillage

In order to calculate the number of poles required for the installation of your fence that support it, you can follow the information given in the following table. These are data for informational purposes, you can increase or decrease the gap between each poles according to the desired rendering. The most common diameter for poles is 6/8 cm. Remember that for fence corners, you will need two to one more poles with a larger diameter.


Trellis height
Stake height
Recommended distance between stakes
50 cm 1.00m 4.00m
80 cm 1.25m 3.50m
100 cm 1.60m 3.00m
120 cm 1.80m 2.80m
150 cm 2.00m 2.50m
175 cm 2.50m 2.00m
200 cm 3.00m 2.00m



Piquets ronds ou sciés de châtaignier Paillage d'écorces de châtaignier, 100% naturel
Treillage girondin, aussi appelé ganivelle de châtaignier Piquets ronds ou sciés de châtaignier, écorcés et pointés



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